The New Homestead “appliance”

Part of our “journey” living country life is to become more self-sufficient.  We aren’t crazy doomsday preppers.  I don’t have an entire closet full of MRE’s and ammunition or anything.  I’m not busy building an underground bunker.  But, being able to rely less on modern practices is really what we are aiming toward.

Growing food.  Raising livestock. Reducing our energy consumption.

Some of my subdivision friends may think I’ve gone off my rocker with this next little bit of news, especially the fact that I’m giddy with excitement over it.

We purchased a clothesline!  EEEEEPPP!!!


Wait, where ya going?  Come back here!  I know I have 3 kids and dirty clothes bursting from every laundry basket!  It’s okay!  I WANTED this!  😉

Partly, because of the overflowing laundry baskets is why I wanted a clothesline.  Did you know that apart from your water heater (if electric) and air conditioner (if you have one), your dryer is the next biggest energy sucker?  Yup.  Not to mention that it exudes heat in the summertime.  In Texas, this is no joke, y’all.  That right there is enough reason for me to want to hang out my clothes.  Lets USE the FREE dryer, the sun!

But aside from that….. don’t call the men in white coats please… I enjoy it.  That’s right.  I ENJOY hanging out clothes.  Probably because it is one of the few times no one will bother me.  For some reason, no one is jumping out there to help me!  I’m standing in the warm sunshine, smelling the fresh laundry, and its a wonderful time to clear my head.  When I was first married, we lived in London.  It’s not common practice to have a dryer there, so hanging was all we could do.  There was literally no space in our small kitchen to put one.  We lived in several different places since then.  When we bought our first home, I was excited to get to put a clothes line up in our back yard, but found out I couldn’t due to HOA restrictions.  Ugh.  Don’t get me started on HOA.  So my next house, I vowed wouldn’t be in an HOA and I’d get my dang clothesline.

I know it’s probably a pretty silly thing to get excited over, especially as I’m sure most would be WAY more excited about a new electric dryer!  What can I say, I’m a simple girl.  Sort of.



(For anyone wondering, I purchased this clothesline from Sunshine Flagpole.  They are not in any way affiliated with this post.  I do recommend them though!)

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