Captain’s Log Day #1

(Preface: My husband had to leave to go to Seattle for work for 3 weeks.  I’m blogging about this after the fact, because I don’t like to let the world know when/ if I’m home alone.  Cause serial killers.  And clowns.)


Husband left for work this morning.  I will be solo farm hand for 3 whole weeks.  This is a log to chronicle the events going forward, should it need to be used as evidence.


Captains Log Day 1.

Plan to keep chickens in coop for a few days so that they relearn where to go to sleep has failed.  Chickens escaped coop because of windy day blowing swaying the barn door open.  Operation “DON’T CHASE CHICKENS EVERY DAMN NIGHT” has now been put back into the think tank for better execution.

Master bath renovation continues.  All demo work finished today.  Copious amounts of mold found because previous owners thought they could DIY the bathroom.  Superfluous amount of bleach used.  Gaping hole in attic is troubling because mice.  Cats assigned overtime duty.

Large pig is now biting and charging expensive show pig through the fence.  Large pig was measured previously and deemed ready to ship out for his final mission.  Researching meat processing and transport is actively in progress.

Made dinner for children.  2 out of 3 ate.  These are successful numbers, and the I am content.

After said dinner, I  looked out our front door to behold expensive show pig wandering outside the pen.  Grabbed scraps, even though it is not in acceptable expensive show pig rations, and boots and hauled ass outside with eldest offspring.  Managed to herd pig back into pen and reinstall the gate she had broken.  Must purchase proper equipment while out tomorrow to fix. Somehow.  Have made makeshift barriers using large pole and extra water trough.  Hoping this is adequate.

Offspring in bed late because of expensive show pig escape.  However,  all offspring still living and in relatively good health and spirits.

One cat has returned for the night from its outdoor endeavors.  2 remain in the elements.  I’m not f&#^ing chasing them in the pitch dark night.  I will wait for them to return of their own volition, or they can find other quarters for the night besides the captains king size bed.

Wine stock was woefully neglected in preparations.  Please send supplies.

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