Captain’s Log – Day 8

Captain’s log – Day 8

One week down.

Week has been fraught with activity and I have not had much time to dedicate to the log.

Have researched freezer camp facilities for ginormous pig and made appointment for Halloween. Procured trailer to transport said pig, and bribed wifeless- for- the- week father with homemade dinner in exchange for his muscles and truck.

Expensive show pig got out once again, this time due to the captain’s negectful gate watching. I’d like to say my pig wrangling skills are improving, but alas I Chased pig no less than three times around the pig pen before she got tired and gave up.

Took children to small town Halloween festival. It was full of adorableness as was expected. Adorableness was slightly offset by youngest offspring’s multiple tantrums and refusal to hold the captain’s hand.

Had award ceremony for middle offspring where he won an award for knowing his abc’s. Tried to facetime the co-captain but had no reception. The captain may or may not have been very distraught about this predicament, but maintained composure. Captain’s parentals were in attendence and provided crucial help looking after smallest offspring, so the captain could watch the ceremony.

Procured supplies for master bathroom retile project. Am unsure of design choices but ready to have gaping ceiling in bathroom remedied, as it has been cold as *€^{ outside. 

Wine supply remains barren. 

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