Captain’s Log – Day 17

Captain’s Log Day 17

Transported large pig to freezer camp a few days ago.  In retrospect, should have researched  “getting a pig into a trailer” prior to transport day.  After a long hour, and much sweat, the captain’s father and myself managed to get the pig onto transport.  Drove an hour and a half to processing facility.  Managed not to cry, but was still pretty sad the rest of the day.

Had ARD meeting for middle offspring at school.  (He has been in a speech program.)  Stressed big time over this meeting because I don’t like confrontation.  Put on my big girl makeup, real pants, and ass kicking boots, and pretended I wasn’t an anxiety ridden mess.  Am okay with outcome, and with prospective action, but not 100% happy with how it went.  However, I feel like I did a damn good job advocating for my child, and I think moving forward he will get the aid he needs.

Expensive show pig still doesn’t trust us.  It is hard to touch her without her running off.  Called in reinforcement from FFA expertise.  She came over and gave us a lot of tips for new mission “Win over show pig”.  End goal being a hearty pig belly rub.

Day after FFA expertise came by, I began belly rub mission while youngest offspring was napping.  Noticed some sores and dry skin on her back that weren’t there before.  Texted FFA expertise for advise on treatment (lotion?) along with pictures.  Diagnosis – Strep.  Immediately google pig strep and assume complete freak out and overwhelming guilt mode.  Just before I am a puddle of goo on the floor, FFA expertise reassures me that this is common and will come by with a shot for the pig.

Planted willow trees that co-captain ordered weeks ago and finally came in.  They were basically sticks.  Unsure if they will remain sticks in the ground, or eventually become trees.  Only time will tell.  Previous record with plants is not reassuring.

Remodeling of master bathroom continues.  I have now been 3 weeks without a bathroom of my own.  I reassure myself this will all be worth it.  Though I greatly fear tripping over toys in the children’s bathtub while trying to shave my legs will result in my untimely demise.

Have agreed to go build a castle out of boxes for preschool class tomorrow morning with both younger offspring in tow.  This is a sure sign my mind is slipping.

4 more sleeps until the co captain returns.  I fear I may not make it.

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