Winter time is slow time

I haven’t really updated this blog lately, because, frankly, there hasn’t been much to update!

We had planned on putting up fence at the front of our property over the Thanksgiving holiday, but that didn’t end up happening.  Here in North Texas we are in some DESPERATE need of rain.  The ground is hard as rock because it is so dry, so it is not even worth it to try to dig the post holes.  We were hoping to work on the fence, because my husband had taken the whole week off just for that purpose.  But I’ll admit it was nice to have him home spending time with the family, and not having to work the entire time he was off.  Hopefully we will get some sort of precipitation in the next few months so the fence can go up.  We are hoping to get some goats in the spring, and this fence is a necessity before that happens!

The chickens are doing well.  They are getting so big and fluffy and beautiful.  We have lost a few over the last couple of months.  One was MIA at bedtime and didn’t go in the coop.  We didn’t see it again, so I assume something got it.  2 others (one being a rooster) got into our backyard fence and the dog tried to play with them.  😦  The dog didn’t eat him, so I genuinely think he was just trying to play with these fluffy chew toys.  I think the others have learned not to go in, or are just too big to fit in the fence holes now.  Either way, we haven’t lost any more chickens, thank goodness.  We have 2 roosters left, which is one rooster too many for our small flock.  (We have a total of a dozen chickens right now.)  So soon, I’ll have to decide which one to keep and which one goes off to another farm.  If it was a regular breed of chicken, I’d honestly process him.  However, they are Sicilian Buttercups, which are on the “watch” list of breeds.  So I’ll find him a new home instead.  But it’s hard to decide which one to choose!  Neither are particularly friendly, in that they don’t let me hold or touch them.  But they aren’t aggressive either.  And both are so handsome!!  But something needs to be decided soon, because they are definitely beginning to be aggressive towards each other, and I definitely don’t want my girls to suffer from… ummm… overly ambitious roosters.  Ha ha!

The pigs are great, and getting very big!  Lovely (the show pig) is definitely warming up to us better and is improving every day being walked.  She’s turning into a really good-looking pig!  We are still not too sure if we are going to keep her after show season or sell her.  We go back and forth.  It would be nice to breed her and have piglets.  But that is a BIG undertaking, and I’m not sure if we are ready for it.  It will kind of depend on how she does at show.  (The first one is in January!!)  Peppa is getting really big, and it may almost be time for her to leave the homestead.  It’s bittersweet for sure.  I love going out there and giving her belly rubs, which she IMMENSELY enjoys.  Ha ha!  I’ll have to get a video of it soon.  You start touching that belly and she falls over like someone shot her.  Then you keep rubbing her belly and she closes her eyes and grunts.  And, I swear, she smiles.  She would literally lay there all day if you kept rubbing her belly!  It’s so funny, and adorable.  But don’t get me wrong, as much as we enjoy her, she is not a pet.  (I think I’ll do a post soon about the subject of sending our animals off, and them not being pets.  A lot of people have asked me questions about it.)

I have ordered several seed catalogues, and chicken ones as well.  As they come in, my husband and I pour through them and have been checking off potential purchases.  We will make a final decision in the coming weeks and place our orders.  I’m really excited about starting a garden next fall, but am also quite nervous about it.  I’m a pretty notorious brown thumb, and the size of garden I want to attempt isn’t small.  I keep having to rein myself in, and tell myself that this year I need to start slow.  It’s so hard when all the heirloom vegetables look so beautiful and delicious!!

Other than that, not a lot has been going on.  It’s winter and cold and no one wants to be spending much time outside.  Not to mention, all the Christmas preparations going on!  That definitely keeps me busier than usual.

What has been going on at your house/homestead this winter? Any projects that are keeping you occupied?

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